Be the CEO of your Health

Your Health on your mobile

Your Health on your mobile.

Our application integrates smart data from multiple medical and fitness devices/apps to help you monitor your stats from one place.Simply log in to Halemind at any time to get an up‑to‑date view of your records

Share with your healthcare provider.

A Powerfully connected EHR

All your measurements are transmitted to your healthcare provider directly. Get actionable feedback on your data without leaving your house.

Share your records

Manage your family.

Manage your Family

Schedule for your parents

Manage and login as your family member. Help them manage their records, schedule appointments and adhere to prescriptions. Our secure system ensures that your data stays private and in your control.

Halemind can help you on your road to success. Take control & start the conversation.

Stay Informed

Keeping track of your health & progress can be a lot of work.

Talk to your doctors and let them know you're ready to own your success. Share this handout with your doctor today and see what Halemind can do for you and your doctor.

Halemind supports your entire clinic community.


Administrator Bliss

Manage your hospital from a single dashboard. Connected records, billing, digital prescriptions, patient portal & much more.


Time for Doctors

Optimize your consultation with access to patient's collective health record , easy charts, smart analytics &  more.


Power to Patients

Get control of your health records. Make appointments, Manage your family, Track your health , Get medicine alerts and much more. Be the CEO of your health

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