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Your care influences lives & drives your clinic's success. Let Halemind handle the details so you can keep doing what you do best.

Drive your clinic's success

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The core ingredients for success of a clinic are Caring Doctors and Friendly Staff. By automating all other tasks - like Scheduling Appointments, Sending Thank you messages, Sharing records digitally and more - Halemind helps you focus on delivering quality care on time, every time.

All your data, All in one place

Lose multiple softwares and bring all your data together in one platform

Halemind makes it easy for your staff to enter all the information you need into one simple platform. Use that data to get a clear view of how your staff and patients are doing every day, and what changes you can make to move your clinic to the top.

All your data in one place

Drive data‑informed decisions with a powerfully connected system

Drive data-informed decisions.

Get the information you need, when you need it

Multiple analysis tools, from dashboards to highly configurable reports, offer you unlimited ways to view, sort, and dive deeply into your data.

Keep track of anything and everything that tells you your clinic's story. See how different parts of your clinic compare and differ in various areas. Create a promotion to run on days where you are falling behind, order drugs based on your dynamic stock levels, check your referral statistics and send thank you notes.

Keep a pulse on industry trends with tips & info‑packed articles to help you elevate your clinic

Stay informed with our carefully curated collection of articles, white papers & tips for clinic success

Being a health leader means knowing all there is to know about your field, and leveraging that knowledge to treat patients.

Check out our info-packed white paper and the Halemind blog to keep you in the know & in control.

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Halemind supports your entire clinic community


Administrator Bliss

Manage your hospital from a single dashboard. Connected records, billing, digital prescriptions, patient portal & much more.


Time for Doctors

Optimize your consultation with access to patient's collective health record , easy charts, smart analytics &  more.


Power to Patients

Get control of your health records. Make appointments, Manage your family, Track your health , Get medicine alerts and much more. Be the CEO of your health

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