Simplify your next appointment

Bring tools into your appointment that streamline time‑consuming tasks & highlight the patient's conditions.

Simplify your next appointment

Easily add and maintain patient data
with an interface built for Indian doctors

Easy fill charts make your work as simple as possible. Enjoy the benefits of a connected electronic health record by having your charts and forms pre-filled with patient data. Use templates for repetitive data, customize your quick actions and get stock levels from pharmacy before prescribing medicines.

Schedule appointments and view patient records across clinic's from a single dashboard

Take control of your time

Get information about all your appointments across consulting clinics and hospitals from a single dashboard. Manage your time slots and ensure that appointments are scheduled only in your free slots.

Take control of your time

Increase your efficiency and transparency

Increase your efficiency and transparency

Share instantly with your patients

Help your patients stay informed as halemind automatically shares appointment charts, prescriptions and bills with the patient. No additional steps required!

Save yourself time, keep your sanity & simplify your workday!

Continue your education with health tips, info‑packed white papers & articles

Being a health leader means knowing all there is to know about your field, and leveraging that knowledge to treat patients

Check out our info-packed white paper and the Halemind blog to keep you in the know & in control.

Stay Informed

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Halemind supports your entire clinic community


Administrator Bliss

Manage your hospital from a single dashboard. Connected records, billing, digital prescriptions, patient portal & much more.


Time for Doctors

Optimize your consultation with access to patient's collective health record , easy charts, smart analytics &  more.


Power to Patients

Get control of your health records. Make appointments, Manage your family, Track your health , Get medicine alerts and much more. Be the CEO of your health

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