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Appointments Scheduling

Visual Case Sheets

Patient Registration

Unique Patient ID's

Out-patient Management

In-patient Management

OT Management

Ward Management

Automated Billing

Laboratory Management

Pharmacy Management

Patient Portal

Reminders and Alerts

Revenue Management

Smart Analytics

Staff Management

Speciality EMR's

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What people are saying

Dr. Madhavi


I am using Halemind for the past 4 years. It is simply good and is tailor-made for my Ophthalmology clinic

Dr. Sandeep Selvinus

Homeopathic Consultant

Halemind has been a wonderful platform for me to consult, manage and access my patients data online. The features are impressive especially the case taking format is systematically designed

Dr. Kiran Babu

Hospital Administrator

Halemind is user-friendly. Our staff from the front office and pharmacy are very comfortable with Halemind

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