Meet Team Halemind

We're quirky. We're creative. And we're definitely a little "goodweird". Most importantly, we're all passionate about helping doctors help patients.

  • Teja Medasani
    Teja Medasani
    Managing Director, Co-founder

    Teja Medasani


    Teja is a young engineer having hands-on experience across technologies. Prior to Halemind, he worked with leading Power and Semiconductor companies in India. He received his degree in electrical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. He is a gearhead, and loves building things from scratch. He is also an avid reader, math enthusiast and a CAT 100 percentiler. Teja leads the product and operations teams at Halemind.

  • Uday Manikonda
    Uday Manikonda
    Chairman, Co-founder

    Uday Manikonda


    Uday has over 30 years of experience ensuring seamless operations and successful growth. After receiving his degree in mechanical engineering from SVUCE he managed a marketing team for a large manufacturing industry. His extensive experience in information technology includes implementation and management of cloud, on premise, SAAS, and Enterprise systems at a premier scientific research laboratory in the Chicago area. Uday provides management oversight at Halemind.

Kalluru Vijayabhanu

Dr. Vijayabhanu Kalluru

Medical Advisor
Hima Medasani

Dr. Hima Medasani

Medical Advisor
Prashanthi Priyanka

Prashanthi Priyanka

Manager, Marketing and Sales

Halemind Mission & Vision

Halemind's mission is to become the health data system of choice by providing clinics and hospitals with a single platform that meets all their data needs with exceptional customer service to make sure it actually solves problems.

Our vision is to give doctors professional tools to spare them precious minutes and let them bring a timely, data-informed awareness to their job of caring and curing.

Core Values (PACT)


We're passionate about making doctors' jobs a little easier so they can focus on helping patients. And that's good for everyone.


We do what we say we are going to do, period. If you have a problem, we're going to be there to help you work through it.


We believe two-way communication is the key to a successful relationship. We never stop listening, we're always moving forward together.


We know technology, you know clinics. It's your feedback that turns a good system into a great one.

We are always looking for talented, passionate‚Ä® people to join Team Halemind.

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