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Halemind is a connected electronic health record engine that drives clinic management with actionable analytics & powerful management tools.

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Administrator Bliss

Manage your hospital from a single dashboard. Connected records, billing, digital prescriptions, patient portal & much more.


Time for Doctors

Optimize your consultation with access to patient's collective health record , easy charts, smart analytics &  more.


Power to Patients

Get control of your health records. Make appointments, Manage your family, Track your health , Get medicine alerts and much more. Be the CEO of your health


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Here's a whitepaper that explains how Halemind can help transform your practice's approach to digitisation. Pass it on to your administrator to find out if Halemind is right for you .

Halemind & How to select your EHR

Learn more about how to make the right choice. Halemind works behind the scenes to seamlessly connect your health community.

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